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Jane B. by Tony Frank and Andrew Birkin at Galerie de l'Instant in Paris

For the French, Jane Birkin is simply 'Jane' and Serge Gainsbourg is 'Serge'.


Julia Gragnon, owner of the gallery at 46 rue Poitou in the Marais, conceived of the idea to present a show about the lives of the two personalities

9 Janvier 2020 - 15:00

Jane and Serge in Normandy 1969 © Tony Frank, 1969
Jane and Serge in Normandy 1969 © Tony Frank, 1969
For Julia Gragnon, among many others, Jane B. is considered to almost be a member of their own family since the end of the 1960s because her life, her style, her loves, her success, her griefs, her smile and her delicious accent is so familiar.
A few years ago, Jane Birkin herself came to the gallery for an opening and she seemed so fragile amidst the crowd, but she had no need to be protected because the public were happy that ‘Jane’ was there, and totally respected her presence without any aggressive behavior. Indeed she was loved by all.

Jane, Serge and Régine at lunch in Normandy, 1969 © Andrew Birken, 1969
Jane, Serge and Régine at lunch in Normandy, 1969 © Andrew Birken, 1969
Later the gallery owner Julia Gragnon discovered that the photographer Tony Frank was present at a lunch with Serge and Jane in 1969 In Deauville with Régine. Not only Frank was present, but also Jane’s older brother Andrew Birkin with his camera. Gragnon conceived of the idea to compare the two parallel visions of the life of the celebrated couple. Thus, was born the exhibition Jane B in Paris. The show will run until March 1 at the gallery.

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