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William Daniels, Wilting Point, Photo Retrospective

A French photographer based in Paris.

Born in 1977, French photographer based in Paris, William Daniels is known for his social humanitarian documentary projects often linked to isolated or weakened communities in territories permanently in crisis, areas suffering from chronic instability. His work will be on show at Pavillon Baudouin in Paris 75020 until 11 April 2019.

17 Janvier 2019 - 20:40

Bangladesh, 2017, Fishermen prepare to put to sea, near the village of Shamlapur. Most of them are Rohingya refugees originally from the state of Rakhine in West Myanmar © William Daniels.
Bangladesh, 2017, Fishermen prepare to put to sea, near the village of Shamlapur. Most of them are Rohingya refugees originally from the state of Rakhine in West Myanmar © William Daniels.
After finishing his studies at the IRIS Center for Photography in Paris in 2002, he took off to the Philippines to capture the state of homeless children in the Filipino capital. Daniel's photo-journalistic report was named The Little Ghosts of Manila. He had luckily won a Youth Challenge Grant to be able fly to Manila.

The themes of his work include Malaria, Kirghizistan, Libya, Central Africa, Siberia, Vaccins, and the Rohingya

Then, after receiving a grant from the Lagardère Fondation in 2007, William Daniels was able to work in Kirghizistan, formerly part of the Soviet Empire, at the time of the revolution of the Tulips. The result of his investigative photography in the young democracy resulted in a book, 'Faded Tulips', and a show at Galerie Fait et Cause in 2012.

The next project concerned seven countries where malaria is rampant, and these photographic images were displayed on the the Pont des Arts in Paris in 2008. Afterwards he visited Central Africa ten times and faced the extreme violence there in the former French colonial empire.

The photographer always risked his life, but continued to take striking images which were eventually shown at the Museum War Photo Limited in Dubrovnik in 2015, and an out-door installation in New York in the following year. Daniels also often benefited from support of the magazine National Geographic, as well as another grant from the Centre des Arts Plastiques, to return several times to Siberia and Far Eastern Russia to document the decay of the mythical rail-line Baikal-Amour-Magistrat, abandoned after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, together with the rare villagers living on the edges of the site.

The photographer received many international awards for his work, including a World Press and an International Red Cross award. He continues to collaborate on a regular basis for publications such as TimeLe Monde and National Geographic. Last year Daniels was again granted a generous sum by National Geographic to document the world of stateless people in more than five countries.

'Wilting Point', a term borrowed from botany, and also the title given to this exhibition, literally designates the state of withering plants when the soil is so humid that it leads to putrefaction. The fragile link between life and death describes the extreme conditions that Daniels seeks to portray in many countries of the world. It refers to the destinies of so many suffering peoples due to inhumane conditions of life : the ephemeral state of mankind between life and death.

More than sixty large prints are on display, with smaller ones in the spacious premises of the Pavillon Baudouin in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Independent curator Marie Lesbats was assisted by William Daniels himself in the choice of these images representing the best of his work over almost two decades. 

'Wilting Points'
Pavillon Baudouin
121 rue Ménilmontant 75020 Paris

25th of January - 11th of April 2019.
Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 to 18, free entry.
Editions Imogène is bringing out a paper-back edition of Wilting Point with a choice of sixty images.

Kunang Helmi-Picard
Fatma Kunang Helmi was born in Yogjakarta, Indonesia. Education in Switzerland, Australia and... En savoir plus sur cet auteur

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